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There are many scenarios we have helped our customers with the years that do not fall into the “vanilla” category.

Often times we discover our customers have talked themselves out of applying for a home loan. I recommend talking to us first, you may be surprised at what’s possible.

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Some examples include:

  • Starting a new job without even the first payslip issued
  • Starting a new family and relying on once income
  • Purchasing a home with zero deposit
  • Binding Financial Agreements after a divorce
  • Credit file defaults
  • Self employed and no recent tax returns
  • Change in company structure: Sole Trader to Company
  • Complicated structures including Company and Trust structures
  • Expat borrowers

How much will the bank lend me

Cash Release
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Unlock the equity in your home to do renovations, pay down more expensive debt, purchase an Investment property or shares

Lower Interest

Chances are your home has increased in value over time and your bank may no longer be passing on the best discounts to you. Factors such as these give you access to better rates and lower repayments.

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Contact us to get the detail on your circumstances including a free Credit Check and Property Report

What are the key
items to get lender

There are a number of ingredients that go into a successful loan application. Two of the main criteria are sufficient stable income to evidence you can repay the loan and sufficient value in the property to support the requested loan amount


Discover if you qualify

We can help you refinance your home loan.

Steps to Refinance


Understand why you are refinancing:

Better rate, lower repayments, cash release. Knowing why is the most important first step and sets us on the right path


Know the costs:

There may be fees charged by the outgoing lender and state government charges to consider.


Get your documents ready:

Evidence of income, good loan payment history and living expenses

Credit Report

Order Property Valuation and Credit Report:

This will inform us on how much equity you have in the property and the borrowing capacity for the refinance and confirm your credit worthiness


Figure out how much equity
you have:

Generally, it is best to keep at least 20% equity in your current properties in order to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance and qualify for the best rates


Assess best lender rates and policies that align with your needs:

Compare the market and ensure the loan application has the greatest likelihood of approval and places you in a better position.

Loan Approval

Loan Approval:

Notify the outgoing lender you are leaving with a Mortgage Discharge Authority and move to the new lender.



New lender will send you a Welcome Pack, internet banking and cards to enable your new banking relationship to begin

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