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It remains the single largest purchase anyone will make. Buying a house can be daunting, even if it’s not your first property purchase

There’s a lot to consider and the difference between getting it right or wrong can mean thousands of dollars.
Preparation makes all the difference.

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The property market is competitive and having your finances in order before you start looking moves you ahead of your competition. It’s also critical that you can make offers with confidence.


The enjoyment of buying a home can easily be eroded by making some common mistakes. Here are some methods to ensure it goes well for you:

Get a quality pre-approval

Some lenders do not fully assess a pre-approval whereas others will. Having a fully assessed pre-approval is the gold standard to ensure you have confidence to make an offer and/or attend auctions

Take the leap

Wealth through property takes patience and time. None of us have a crystal ball and there is no precise answer on when to buy. There is a lot to be said for time in the market, as opposed to timing the market

Consider your attitudes towards risk

Would a series of interest rate increases cause you to loose sleep? Add a buffer to account for the unexpected. How much can I borrow Vs How much should I borrow. Would borrowing your maximum prevent you from enjoying other aspects of life

Interest rates are a very important but not the sole point of focus when choosing the right lender. There are many other factors to consider.


Discover if you qualify

We can help you refinance your home loan.

The banks will assess your suitability for a long using the 5 C’s of credit:



lenders will check you credit report to see whether you have a track record of paying bills on time



refers to how much you earn and what are the components of your income. Lenders may vary considerably in how they assess this element.



Is your contribution towards the purchase. The more of your own funds you are putting the stronger the proposition is for the lender.

Credit Report


Is the property you are putting up as security for the loan.



Are the predominant financial conditions that exist at the time of your application. These may include the property market, economic factors and interest rate environment.

Tips from homebuyers

Some of the top tips from dealing with many home buyers and feedback from our clients:

  • Save as much as possible for your deposit
  • Research and link in with top quality professionals: mortgage broker, conveyancer and buyers agent
  • Get pre-approval, even if you aren’t sure if you are going to purchase immediately
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