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Bloom Home Loans stands out as the premier choice for those seeking a mortgage broker in Sydney CBD. With a reputation for high performance and customer satisfaction, we at Bloom Home Loans see ourselves as the ideal mortgage brokers in Sydney as we can find the best deals in the market with a quick and effective loan structure. Interested? Speak with one of our specialists today!

Our Process of Mortgage Broking Service in Sydney

Our mortgage broking process involves several critical steps and we manage this better than other local mortgage brokers in Sydney:

  • Initial Consultation: You will meet with one of our senior mortgage broker specialists to discuss your financial situation, goals, and desired outcomes.
  • Preliminary Assessment: Our mortgage & home loan broker specialist evaluates your income, assets, debts, and credit history to determine eligibility for various loan products.
  • Research: Using extensive knowledge and access to a wide range of lenders, we research and present a selection of loan products that match your needs and circumstances.
  • Loan Application Submission: Once you have made a decision with your home loan broker, we will submit a loan application to the chosen lender.
  • Lender Approval and Settlement: After approval, we will guide you through the settlement process, ensuring all requirements are met and facilitating a smooth transition into homeownership.

Bloom Home Loans excels in every phase of this process, offering personalised mortgage brokerage services in Sydney and expert advice to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Begin Your Journey to Home Ownership with Confidence, Guided by Sydney’s Trusted Mortgage Broker!

At Bloom Home Loans, We provide expert advice, hassle-free solutions, and access to competitive rates as Sydney’s go-to mortgage broker. Our dedicated team ensures you find the ideal mortgage that meets your needs and financial goals. Let us assist you at every turn, making your dream home a reality!

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Why Choose Bloom Home Loans?

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the mortgage broking industry in Sydney, Bloom Home Loans has developed deep insights into the market dynamics and lending criteria of numerous lenders. Allow our expertise to guide and navigate you through the complex landscape of home loans with ease, ensuring you can benefit from the best deals in the market today.

Comprehensive Service Offering

We are your ideal mortgage brokers based in Sydney, we are up to date with lending policies around the country. We are ready and able to help achieve your goals. Here is what we are experts in:

  • Refinancing: Re-structuring, moving to a new lender quickly and cheaply
  • Purchases: First Home Buyers, investment purchases, purchasing your forever home
  • Construction: Owner Occupied and Investment
  • SMSF: Did you know that some lenders offer an Offset with SMSF loan accounts? Reach out if you want to talk more about this!
  • Complicated transactions
Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At the heart of Bloom Home Loans’ success is our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Both now and in the future, we promise to act in your best interests. We charge no fees, and as the ideal Mortgage Brokers in Sydney, we want to put you in the strongest position possible.

Access to Competitive Rates and Products

We make the most of our network and strong relationships with lenders to secure competitive rates and gain access to exclusive loan products not widely advertised. We dig into the deepest parts of the market to present the best available home loan options, ensuring you achieve your homeownership goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Intelligent Mortgage Solutions for Every Circumstance

Did you know that every lender in the market starts as a ‘no’ when seeking a Home Loan? We advocate on your behalf to ensure the best deals for you become a ‘yes’. Through careful assessment and analysis, Bloom, your finance and mortgage broker in Sydney, presents you with the most suitable loan options based on your financial profile, objectives, needs and requirements. Our tailored approach ensures you are educated along the way to make informed decisions that align with your long-term financial goals.

Strong Reputation and Testimonials

Finally, the reputation of Bloom Home Loans among our clients speaks volumes about our quality of service. Positive testimonials and success stories serve as powerful endorsements to our firm’s capabilities and commitment to client satisfaction. As one of the leading home loan brokers in Sydney, we invite you to take a read for yourself! We hope you can join our group of happy clients!

Extensive Lender Network

One of the key advantages of choosing Bloom Home Loans is our extensive network of lenders. By having access to a broad array of loan products from various financial institutions, including major banks, credit unions, and specialised lenders, we can quickly assess the entirety of the market for you. Under your direction, we will present to you the best options that meet your requirements and objectives. As a trusted Sydney mortgage broker, we are committed to finding the ideal loan solutions for our clients.

Transparent Fees – We Charge no Fees!

Transparency in our fee structure is another area where Bloom Home Loans stands out. We are mortgage brokers in Sydney who charge no fees and we partner with other strong financial specialists who may also be able to help you should you need a comprehensive financial health-check.

When we present options for your new home loan the onus is on us to prove how the options we present to you best meet your requirements and objectives. We take great care in detailing this clearly when you engage with us.

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Bloom Home Loans emerges as the ideal mortgage broker company in Sydney, NSW Australia for individuals and families seeking to navigate the complexities of home financing. With our blend of expertise, comprehensive service offering, commitment to customer satisfaction, and ability to secure competitive rates and products, Bloom Home Loans stands out as a trusted partner in achieving your homeownership dreams.

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Our Licensed & experienced mortgage brokers in Sydney are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of finance and making sure that your journey to homeownership is enjoyable and uneventful.

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A mortgage broker acts on your behalf to assess the market and present the best mortgage options available for you. We will meet with you to understand your financial situation, requirements, and objectives. Then we submit the application on your behalf and order a valuation where required for your property before following up to achieve formal approval with the lender. Once approved we liaise with all the necessary parties for settlement of your loan. Once settled we monitor your loan against the market and will update you when or if a change to your home loan is needed to ensure you are receiving the best deal at all times.

We are approval experts in the most complicated Home Loan transactions. This means we can offer intelligent solutions for complicated home loans and also ensure the simple transactions are approved quickly!

We are your experienced local mortgage broker Sydney for life. We interpret ‘Best interests’ differently to all other brokers. Where possible we will present you with options to pay off your home loan. At all times we want you to be educated and able to make the best informed decision possible.

Every bank starts as a ‘no’ when you ask for a home loan. We advocate on your behalf to give you a selection of best deals in the market and you choose which one is best for you.

We are paid by a commission by the lender upon completion of your home loan. Our payment varies depending on the lender and the loan – we detail exactly how much our commission will be before proceeding with a loan application.

This means there are no out of pocket expenses for engaging with us. A home loan through a finance broker in Sydney is often cheaper than directly through a bank, we also take away the hassle of dealing with the bank. All we ask from you is mutual trust.

  • Refinancing: Re-structuring, moving to a new lender cheaply and quickly
  • Purchasing: First Home Buyers, Investment purchases, moving into your new forever home
  • Construction: For you to live in or build as an investment
  • SMSF: borrowing through a self managed super fund can be tricky, we are experts here and ready to help!
  • Complicated transactions

The best answer, is it depends!

As your broker we will ask for as much as possible to understand your situation. While we provide the lender what they need to see.

We have a simple and easy to use portal which will detail exactly what documents we need from you.

Lenders are not obliged to act in your best interests, a home loan mortgage broker in Sydney is!

If you ever believe you are going to miss a mortgage payment reach out to us as soon as possible!
This is a situation where our expertise can be extremely valuable for you.

Credit scores open the door to your lender options. Speak to us today so we can give you specialised advice on your situation.

Bad credit does not disqualify you from seeking a loan from lenders, it often does restrict your options. There are lenders in the market who are able to consider bad credit with explanation. Please reach out to us directly so we can give you specialised advice.

Each lender has their own timeframe for issuing approval. We provide a clear time-line to you upon the lodgement of your application.

Settlement for your refinance can take up to 4 weeks. We have a specific approach we are able to move quicker – in some cases between 1-2 weeks from speaking with us. If you are moving to a cheaper rate, it is urgent to settle your new loan quickly!

For purchases we have lenders who are able to offer a full-assessment prior to preapproval. As of June 2024 we are finding this to take up to 5 days. This means you can go out and make offers on properties with confidence.

There are some general rules which are great to know before applying for a home loan.

If you have a credit card, every $1 on your card limit takes $7 off your home loan. For an investment home loan you can approximately borrow up to 6x your annual income. For an owner occupier home loan you can approximately borrow 4x your annual income.

These are very rough and general rules. Please reach out and we can give you information specific to you and your circumstances.

The single best thing you can do before obtaining a mortgage is speaking to a top mortgage brokers Sydney. We are happy to speak to you years-in-advance of applying for a home loan in order to help you with a plan for home ownership! We are always ready to understand your circumstances and outline what are the best things YOU can do to help obtain mortgage approval.

How Do I Start?

We encourage you to reach out at any time! As the best mortgage broker firm our passionate
team is always ready to discuss your financial needs right away.

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